Real-Time, Integrated Software Solutions for Construction, Dump Truck & Aggregate Haulers


We have been designing AcuPath and AcuTRack solutions to make the working lives of business owners and office staff easier, and more productive while putting money on your bottom line.

  • Slashing the amount of labor involved in processing information — no other software can even come close to saving you as much time as AcuPath and AcuTRack. This gives management tremendous control and decision making power, and frees up your staff from tedious, mindless tasks so they can work on helping you build your business.


  • Reducing costly mistakes — billing and driver pay errors cost many companies tens of thousands of dollars every year. AcuDispatch helps eliminate those losses.


  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction — instant access to real-time information and easy to use reporting systems means you never have to keep your customers waiting for answers.


  • Keeping Drivers and Owner-Operators Safer, Happier, and Loyal — clear, up-to-date driver and owner-operator statements eliminate confusion and frustration, and automated warning systems keep your equipment and drivers safe and compliant.