Oilfield Trucking Software – The AcuPath Edge


Business is booming in the oil and gas sector, bringing with it cutthroat competition for well servicing, water and gravel hauling, vacuum trucks, roustabouts, and rig movers. AcuPath has tailored its integrated trucking and dispatch solution meet your needs, giving you an edge in a hot market.

At the same time we noticed that companies operating in the gas and oilfield had some very different needs than our usual customers. For example, Oilfield Trucking Companies tend to handle far more daily transactions and obviously require a good way to track them. Another thing, you often return to the same locations many times over extended periods for large jobs, and sometimes require incremental invoicing. In response, we developed a Tickets Module for our software.

Ticket Management
Stop entering tickets more than once! With the AcuPath ticket module, you have the ability to enter tickets in a centralized location and have the information flow to all of your management software applications automatically. Enter tickets quickly and choose the information you want to.

Trucking Link Mobile App
Are you looking for a fast, easy way to send updated order and field ticket confirmations to your drivers when they’re on the road? What about signature capture, attachments, tracking, mapping, and printing straight from the field? Oilfield tickets can be processed quickly and efficiently with AcuPath’s mobile app. Rather than relying on telephone messages and handwritten tickets that can easily be misplaced, the dispatcher enters the basic information on his computer and sends it to the driver’s mobile device. The driver then completes the ticket and sends it back.

You will always have a convenient way to pass information back and forth with the AcuPath Trucking Link app for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone based on Android, or BlackBerry, if your drivers are using any one of these mobile devices, you can connect with them quickly and easily. The app is completely integrated with AcuPath’s trucking applications, so you enter information once and it’s available throughout your trucking and accounting system(optional).

Have you ever had an employee drive all the way out to a site and get turned away because they didn’t have the proper qualifications? With AcuPath software, that won’t happen. When you enter a customer, you record all the qualifications that are required when you work for them. You’ll receive a warning or the system can refuse to assign a driver if he doesn’t have the necessary qualifications.

It’s easy to keep track of the maintenance work that’s been done on your equipment; simply run a report using the information stored in Work Orders, Payables Invoices, or Equipment Statements.

You can also create Equipment Reminders to keep track of inspections and oil changes. Relevant reminders will be displayed when you are assigning Equipment, and you can circulate automatic email reminders.

Do you need to report production levels and volumes? Does the oil company want invoices sorted by type of work as well as by well location? Well, that’s not a problem. AcuPath records all that information and more. And you can create a report to compile it in an easy-to-reference format.