As the wireless dispatch service department (WDSD) of Acura Emebedded Systems Inc., a manufacturer & software provider for rugged computers since 1994 in BC.canada, our team focus on designing and developing our disptach solution series for resource industries such as oil/mining fields, transportation management and commercial services.Now,we recommend two solutions as in follows.

AcuPath is a dispatch and navigation software solution based on 3 or 4 G web network. It has strong and reliable real-time abilities in Live Tracking, Geo Fencing, POD and Hos services.To meet to the needs of different industrial applications in mobile services, AcuPath has been friendly running on different standards of client terminal PCs such as rugged tablet PC, Mini tablet PC and even the cellphones which are based on Android OS.  As an unique dispatch and navigation package, AcuPath has an ideal integrated data control platform which lets our customers administer easily their client terminals information by 3 or 4 G  network.

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AcuTRack is a online vehicle tracking  solution integrated with a mini-plug tracker device based on GPS,3,4G network. No software installed on tracker devices, dispatchers can easily monitor real-time all vehicles' tracking and locations on any internet-connected PC.The AcuTRack is focused on low costs and reliability.


As a twenty years experience industrial computer manufacture, Acura Embedded Systems Inc. understand market and our customers' needs. AcuPath Solution and AcuTracking kit will continuelly improve and add their features.We welcome your viewing. For more information of Acura Embedded Systems Inc, please link

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